Text 30 Sep Finally….

Finally have the urge to start running again only to realize that won’t happen for at least 3 months due to my shoulder surgery coming up.

I know I’ve been MIA and that’s what I do when sh*t hits the fan… More to come over the next few days as I want to document what my days are like post shoulder surgery…

Text 10 Jun 2 notes Life is hard

My hubby asked me the other day if I loved myself….my response, no. Depression has hit hard. I need to focus on me and getting better.

Text 20 May PCOS I hate you!

I hate that it cause me to gain weight without trying
I hate that it makes me depressed
I hate that it causes me to miscarry
I hate that it causes me to question everything
I hate that it has caused me to lose an ovary
I hate you PCOS!

Photo 27 Jan Last time I checked we aren’t supposed to get snow this far south…

Last time I checked we aren’t supposed to get snow this far south…

Video 31 Dec 2 notes

The only time I’ll be in Duke…. On the plane

Text 31 Dec 3 notes ATL here I come…. Well for 12 hours

Chic fil a bowl bound.

This is the only time our house is truly divided. Gig’em Aggies!

If anyone is staying home and watching the game; 8pm eastern ESPN… Look for us on the TV. We are on the A&M side, 50 yard line, lower level, 14 rows up. Just look for the guy in blue, that’ll be my husband, the only one supporting Duke.

Text 31 Dec 4 notes 2014 

The year of not being afraid.

Text 8 Dec 5 notes Just shy of 2am….

Two more miscarriages in the last three months… My heart can’t take this much more.

Following up with the doctor next week to run further tests.

Text 15 Oct 2 notes Bike Around the Bay – 100 miles Recap Start to Break Point 1 part 1

Before I get into the recap, let me just give you some insight to their benefit ride. Bike Around the Bay is a 2 day 180 mile ride around the Galveston Bay in Texas. They give riders the option to ride 1 day or both; as a novice, I chose the 1 day option as a starting point for me this year. My training wasn’t too intense 12 weeks total including 4 prep, 3 days a week, 1 day focus on speed work, 1 day focus on quality miles, 1 days focus on long miles. My major training issue came with 3 weeks before the race, I started having bad stomach problems that would not go away until 1 day before the race and my long ride days suffered bad because of it.

 The day began at 430 am with breakfast, nothing exciting, eggs and peanut butter on toast, a banana and lots of water. There were 6 planned rest stops on the race so I prepared 6 food bags with snacks (pb&j sandwiches, apple sauce, gu packs, pickle juice) for each stop and 2 of the bags included a change of bike shorts as a precaution. Eight bottles of water, 3 bottles of Powerade,

My “SAG” team arrived at 5:15 and we loaded everything up and hit the road (SAG = support assistant group aka my friends who are awesome to send the whole day following me on a bike). The ride start was 45 minutes away and not an eventful drive about during the ride until we were 3 miles for our exit.  Out of nowhere came a downpour of rain, 30% chance of rain my butt Mr. Weatherman. I apparently found the “30%” spot and my bike got soaked. We made it to the start line, parked the car and waited and waited and watched the poor volunteers get soaked trying to direct traffic and waited for 25 minutes until the rain stop. All this time checking the weather map to see if there was going to be more rain. Well let’s just say the rain spot we were in wasn’t even on the Doppler.

 At 645 the rain finally stopped and we got out of the car to start prepping the now “super soaked bike”. And the one thing I didn’t have on me, a towel to dry the bike. I ended up using my tank top to try and dry the bike, which wasn’t too successful. Honestly, my only real big saving grace was that I use wet/dry chain lubricant so I was able to just re-apply and be okay for the ride. The next 45 mins until the ride started were really a blur, cleaning the bike, airing up the tires, airing up the spares, restroom break, stretching, putting on the jersey and shoes.

 The start was very chaotic, over 1000+ riding trying to fit through a 20 foot opening, but made it through eventually. I must stay I’ve never ridden a bike in any sort of pack, in fact I’ve only had experience ridding with one other person and trying to stay out of everyone’s way was a little intimidating.

The first few miles were okay, we went over an overpass and got onto the feeder/frontage road along the highway . Feeder/frontage roads as side access roads that are common in Texas, they run parallel to major freeways.

The first obstacle was to go over 2 lakes, which involved actually getting on the freeway. Police Support was great, one lane blocked off and lots of patrols. I was still intimidating riding a bike while cars are zooming past you going over 65 mph. The first lake no major issues, the freeway was flat, the second bridge however was a good climb about 80+ feet over 3/4 mile. My hill training helped and I had no issues climbing up and over. I did see a handful of riders walking their bikes up, I was glad that i was strong enough to not have to do that. Once over the route got us  off the freeway and we hit the roads in the middle of nowhere. Problem with roads in the middle of nowhere, they aren’t in good condition for bikes, and I saw lots and lots of riders with flat tires.

The organizers of the race did an amazing job helping riders on the route who had trouble…There were 12 vans and over 15 motorcycles all with gear to help a stranded rider that rode up and down looking for people in need of help. The first stretch was 18 miles, which was not how the race was originally planned. Thanks to the government shutdown of national parks, all but two of the rest points had to be moved. The first stop was originally at mile 11 which turned into mile 18, something I was not prepared for.  I never once in my training had gone more than 12 miles without stopping, major fail.  Due to the overcast conditions at that time and the 75 degree weather, I made one of the first mistakes of my ride, I failed to properly hydrate…

Photo 12 Oct 12 notes From this morning

From this morning

Photo 12 Oct 4 notes Not quite 100 miles, but I’ve hit the wall

Not quite 100 miles, but I’ve hit the wall

Photo 12 Oct 2 notes So race in 1 hour… 20% chance of rain my butt

So race in 1 hour… 20% chance of rain my butt

Text 10 Oct 1 note Saturday’s 100 mile bike ride…follow my progress

If you want to follow my progress, go to my twitter page: http://twitter.com/AiledArvizu  anytime between 7:30am CST and 6pm on Saturday for the runkeeper gps direct web link. It’s a random link that will post as soon as I start moving otherwise I’d let you know now.  But basically all you do is click on the link and it’ll send you to my runkeeper page where it’ll show the recorded and recording portion of my ride. Please note as I am ridden a good portion in the middle of nowhere, i may not get good service and lose the connection, but have no fear, I will be out and about and check in when and if I can :)

Photo 10 Oct 9 notes Two days til 100 miles

Two days til 100 miles

Photo 24 Sep 3 notes Nice and easy

Nice and easy

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