Text 20 Oct Back to work

Today was the first day back at work and needless to say it was long. The chair does not work for my sling, I can’t get the armrest high enough for me to rest on it so I sent the whole day with my arm in the sling with the weight of it all on my neck. Pain meds aren’t working today. Left work early to come home and sleep.

Text 20 Oct Recliner vs bed

Ever since surgery I’ve been in the recliner. It was highly recommended and I would agree. Saturday night I thought I would be brave, and try to sleep on the bed. I propped whole bunch of pillows try to get a good elevated position but as soon as I try to lay down the pain began. Needless to say I lasted a whole 30 seconds in bed before had to crawl back to the recliner. Two hours later the pain finally subsided and I was able to get some sleep. For now recliner will be my bed. Let’s hope that this pain goes away sooner rather than later.

Text 16 Oct Post op appt

Met with the doctor for my follow up and my stitches came out and all looks good. The surgery repaired a tear in my labrum, a tear where my bicep attaches to the bone and then he tighten my shoulder capsule to prevent future dislocations. I’m still in a sling for four more weeks before my physical therapy start. I’m free to return to work on Monday free to drive as long as I can come down on the pain meds. I still having spasms its not fun but they’re more manageable. I’m still sleeping a lot so not sure how that is going to work with work.

Text 14 Oct 1st week over

It’s officially been one week since my surgery. And well the first two days were rough and I should made your progress the following days the last two to three days have been kind of blah. I have my follow up appointment tomorrow to have my stitches taken out. I will also find out what I actually was done during the surgery. We will attempt shower number two tonight and I will continue to try and get over my fear of having my arm out of the sling. It’s hard to think that I’m afraid of having my arm out of the sling. I’m still having spasms just not nearly as much only 2 to 3 a day unless I laugh and well that causes instant pain. Last night was the first night I was able to get more than 3 hours of sleep 8 hrs total and I feel so much better. One of my main struggles right now though is my hair, I can’t do much with one hand. I tried to get my husband to put in a ponytail and it didn’t work very well. These next few weeks will definitely be very interesting.

Text 11 Oct Shower

No one told me it would take an art form to take a shower. First off you have to get the sling off, and I have this fear of my arm just falling off. I know it’s crazy but I do. Thanks to my husband, the shower was managed with minimal pain, granted it took us over an hour but I feel a billion times better. Now time for some pain meds and a nice long nap.

Text 11 Oct Day 5

Today was the first day I actually felt somewhat normal I had more energy pain was minimized I slept a lot it was good. My only downfall was not taking my pain meds at dinner because I didn’t eat dinner until 10 p.m. By then I was 4 hours overdue for my meds and well the pain had already started and it took me all night to get it two be managed again , lesson learned.

Photo 10 Oct 2 notes My caretaker this week.

My caretaker this week.

Text 10 Oct Small victory

I was able to go to the bathroom all on my own. It’s the small victories.

PS small victory well in the bathroom as well if you know what I mean. Sorry for the TMI

Text 9 Oct 2 notes Day 4

Pain level now at 5…spasms are the worst. Sleeping finally, every day getting better. If only I could go to the restroom and all my troubles would be managed, lol.

Text 9 Oct Day 3

Hardest trouble today getting in and out of the recliner and ironically pulling up my underwear after the bathroom. Pain level study at a 7.

Photo 8 Oct 2 notes 4 incisions

4 incisions

Text 8 Oct Day 2

Discovered muscle spasms today severe pain just shy of 10 9.5 this sucks

Text 7 Oct 2am.

Pain level 9 hard to sleep throbbing feels like I’m dislocated. Pain meds not working

Text 6 Oct Day of surgery

the day started nervous but I made it to the hospital got checked in and had surgery. The hospital was great, the staff was great obviously I don’t remember the surgery but everything I do remember from the hospital was amazing. I had problems when waking up as far as being really really nauseous but my husband was a trooper and stood by me while the nurse staff made me better. The ride home was another adventure while I did receive a nerve block I couldn’t feel too much every jolt I did feel some sort of weird void. Then we found out upon trying to get my prescription filled that the state of Texas changed a law today stating that no hand written prescriptions for high level pain meds could be turned in they had to be faxed in by the doctors office. Lucky for me I had some on hand. Rest of the afternoon in an out of a daze the hardest part of today was getting in and out of the recliner. And walking to and from the bathroom is like running a 5k. Current pain level is a 7.

Photo 6 Oct Day one almost over

Day one almost over

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